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Miss International Perú

At Las Condes Aesthetic Clinic we feel honored to be part of the beauty contests that promote the impeccable image of education and the level of Peruvian women.

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Liposuction by areas

It definitively eliminates accumulated fat in localized areas, remodeling your silhouette with the extraction of fat or adipose tissue.


Recover your figure again. Recommended surgery for patients with excess fat and excess skin for pregnancy or excessive weight gain.


Correct the morphology of your nose to adapt it to your aesthetic and functional expectations, remodeling its shape or changing its size.


Rejuvenate your look without any signs of tiredness, eliminating drooping eyelids, lower eye bags and excess skin.

Las Condes Aesthetic Clinic

Las Condes Aesthetic & Spa Surgery Clinic provides its patients with comprehensive, modern and healthy beauty solutions that have a favorable impact on their physical and mental wellness.

Plastic surgeons specialized in every aesthetic procedure.


Our certified surgeons focus exclusively on specific and different areas of cosmetic surgery.

All our patients are informed before receiving treatment with their qualified surgeon.

The experience and passion of our surgeons influences their surgical specialty

Liposuction by areas, the ideal solution to shape your body.

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Awarded the highest certification of excellence in Medical Management.

Change the style of your nose with an esthetic rhinoplasty.


Gaby Rangel Villalobos
Gaby Rangel Villalobos

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