Las Condes Aesthetic Clinic

We are a health services provider, specialized in aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery, which has all the certifications required by the health authorities, specialized medical staff and trained to perform surgical and laser procedures.

Las Condes Aesthetic Clinic was born with the objective of reunite prestigious specialists in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, each one expert in an area and specific treatment. We have category II-E granted by the Health Department, health services management entity, under the Ministry of Health.


Provide to our patients with comprehensive, modern and healthy beauty solutions that have a favorable impact on their physical and mental wellness.


To be the aesthetic medical reference of any person who requires or requests a comprehensive beauty solution.


  • Personal integrity
  • Vocation of service and customer service
  • Ethic and Professionalism.

Our History

Our activities began in 2000 in our old facilities at San Borja Norte Avenue, San Borja, but in a short time, due to the volume of our operations, we decided to move to our own facilities at Javier Prado Este Avenue, with better and more extensive infrastructure, always in San Borja, where we currently develop our activities.

From those years, we have worked to position ourselves at the forefront of our peers, dedicating ourselves to modernizing and conditioning our facilities to reach the highest standards of safety, health and comfort demanded by the municipal and health authorities, in correspondence with principles, values ​​and commitments of our clinic with our patients and collaborators.

Because of all this hard work, we are proud to say that, to date, we have the latest personnel, and facilities, infrastructure and medical equipment, and we are able to provide a comprehensive health and beauty service of great quality and price.