Christmas and the increase weight

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Christmas and the increase weight, its aesthetic effects on our body and how to solve it.

The Christmas holidays are moments of great joy and the Christmas spirit unites families in those days, better than any other celebration in the year. Families reunites, and gifts are exchanged: the whole month of December has been prepared for the Christmas dinner with the turkey and a series of carefully prepared accompaniments. A complete banquet for the most demanding palates, accompanied by good champagne and selected wines. After the food, comes the after-dinner conversation, a very Peruvian custom, where a good whiskey, a quality rum or a good Pisco is the perfect accompaniment to the moment, while we have Christmas music in the background, a prelude to the best wishes of all in this celebration. And that, without counting the traditional panettone and hot chocolate.

The next day, the family returns to meet and enjoy a Christmas lunch with what was left over from the previous night. Again, the turkey and the delicious side dishes. One feels in glory. A week later, the year ends, and we celebrate it as a second Christmas: dinner, drinks, party. We begin the new year with a disorder in our body and we see that we have gained a few extra pounds. Weight gain in some cases is easy, the problem lies in returning to our weight before the week of food excess.

Also, the parties have left us stressed by all the commitments we have had to attend, leaving our usual routine, neglecting our own aesthetic due to lack of time and even losing sleep. All this is reflected in our face and body in the first days of the new year and we begin to think about repairing our damaged appearance. So, we can enjoy our family memories with a pleasant smile. In this article, we offer some tips to make that recovery more effective and faster.

Tips to recover from the extra pounds gained in Christmas

When we arrive on January 2, people who have gain weight because of the disorders committed at Christmas will feel a swollen body with liquids retained inside them. Taking advantage of the start of the summer season, we recommend you start a sports routine and healthy nutrition, to recover the silhouette and cleanse the body. To achieve this, we must add some healthy habits such as hydrating the body, consuming an average of not less than two liters of water per day; it is recommended to reduce the consumption of salt and sugar in food; reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco; devote to consume variety in fruits and vegetables.

Regarding sports activities, it is advisable to start with light exercises and gradually increase them step by step. Our summer is hot and will help you eliminate excessive fats.

Damaged skin after Christmas

As we stated in previous lines about Christmas disorders, it is not only about weight gain. Our body in general has suffered damaging changes that we must correct. Our skin has also suffered with the holidays and we must worry about repairing it.

One of the damages to our health, which commonly occur these days, is the appearance of dark circles on the face, a consequence of the stress produced during those Christmas holidays, together with the lack of sleep not recovered and a careless diet in those days. days for the thrill of events. To solve this situation and return to the body that vital aspect of before, we must feed properly and recover those lost sleep hours, with orderly rest habits that allow their prompt recovery. They can also supplement your recovery with facial care treatments, such as Hyaluronic Acid that will help eliminate those dark circles and immediately regenerate areas of the face that have lost volume near the eyes. Likewise, Carboxytherapy can be done, a treatment that allows normalizing the pigmentation of the facial skin, injecting CO2 in the area under the eyes and activating the blood microcirculation of the face and favors its hydration, disappearing dark circles and helping to soften the lines of expression and any other defect, such as wrinkles and others.

Dry skin also manifests itself after Christmas, a product of the disorders committed at this time. In addition, it is the summer season in Lima and the increase in temperature helps to dehydrate the body, manifesting itself in our skin that looks tight, aged, with spots and something dry, in addition to chapped lips. Therefore, it is necessary to take the appropriate measures to restore vitality to our skin from the inside, with appropriate routines for each type. The consumption of fruits and vegetables, together with the high consumption of liquids will help in the process.

At present we have treatments that allow to stop and reverse the drying process of the skin, helping it to rehydrate it faster so that it recovers its fresh and fresh appearance immediately. Facial Mesotherapy is one of these treatments that nourishes and hydrates the skin with the help of substances that are introduced to improve its appearance and condition.

The loss of luminosity is also another of the damages caused by the Christmas hustle and bustle. The skin becomes opaque and loses that nimbus that shows it vital. The disorders that we mentioned at the beginning are also cause of that deterioration, giving it a dull appearance. It is very important that measures are taken to prevent the advancement of this state, maintaining the hygiene of the face, proceeding to a facial exfoliation treatment once a week, to eradicate the cells that are already dead and stay stuck on the skin. Also, we must consume antioxidants in our diet to properly help the cell repair process.

To solve this situation more agile, we recommend the treatment known as Facial Peeling that will give back to your face that vitality that activates the luminosity, taking out defects such as wrinkles, spots, marks and giving the skin elasticity and firmness. The Facial Peeling is done using a series of chemical products that have the mission of eliminating the flakes produced on the facial surface, the deteriorated and dead cells allowing the oxygenation of the skin cells, facilitating their recovery. At Clinic Las Condes our specialists will tell each patient what type of peel is the most appropriate for each type of skin.

For all the cases mentioned, Clinic las Condes has the most competent and accredited team of specialists in Peru, so our patients are always satisfied with our treatments. For more information, you can access our website,, where you can see each of our treatments, write us to make your questions and request an appointment. We will be happy to assist you!

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