Expectations after plastic surgery: satisfaction, and results

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Expectations after plastic surgery: satisfaction, and results

Deciding to undergo a plastic surgery, be it Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Rhinoplasty or any other surgical procedure of this type, is not a simple choice. Always arise questions that create fears and doubts about the results. In the mind play those fears, with the expressions "complication, infection, unsatisfactory results, hight costs, if they wrong", among many other concepts. The surgeries, procedures or treatments are very varied, as we mentioned at the beginning, but in the end the patients who want to treat a specialty, almost always ask the same type questions, to clear their fears.

This is what we would call decisions "only for the brave", because they are the ones who decide to take the step to change their lives, but duly informed and evaluated so that they do not take unnecessary risks, because that is the key to carry out a successful surgery of this nature.

Reasonable doubt will always exist, but for the same reason that it is reasonable, it can be acquitted by the qualified person. At Las Condes we always listen to the doubts and fears of our patients, because if they have come to our facilities, we have the certainty of their true interest to take the big step, but with all the assurances and expectations of the results when going through the procedure or surgery. Our specialists perform very detailed evaluations to know the physical, emotional and health situation of the patients that give us their trust. The purpose is patients feel good before, during and after the operation. Our renowned surgeons offer our patients the guarantee and security of obtaining the desired image, without risking their health.

If the patient fears the risks, that they definitely exist, as in life itself. In operations, some risks and complications may arise during the operative process, but this usually occurs when the patient is treated in a center that does not have the proper qualification, does not have the appropriate equipment and lacks qualified medical staff. These three factors are connected to the patient’s satisfaction.

Likewise, we must know how to evaluate the quality of the anesthesia to be used, whether local or general and the medications that they prescribe their effectiveness in the pre and post operative process. The adequate and confirmable information (now we have the information of all the products online, via internet). The sanitary and internment conditions, if necessary, and the surgical instruments have to comply with the standards required by the Ministry of Health, since they are medical entities for surgery. Therefore, at Las Condes we offer all the information and guarantees that our patients request and need, to safeguard their integrity and health.

The bilateral communication patient-surgeon

When the patient seeks a specialist, his goal is to achieve security, because the step he is going to take considers it important. Therefore, communication and mutual understanding is indispensable in these circumstances.

Honesty in this area is very important. The doctor must assume a great responsibility, on behalf of the institution he represents and be the support for the patient throughout the process. This is a factor that certain clinics do not take into account, as they only seek to convince the patient. Then, the patient becomes the victim of the unscrupulous greed of these bad elements and finally gets a disappointment, at best.

As we said above, patient-surgeon communication is the basis of a good understanding and the patient must comply fully with the instructions of the responsible plastic surgeon. The patient must be very honest with the specialist and let him know what their doubts and fears are. Also, the doctor has the duty and obligation to perform all the necessary questions and tests to ensure that there are no serious risks or complications. Thus, the doctor has in his hands the safety and integrity of the patient and therefore, must be an accredited specialist and experienced, to have the absolute confidence of the patient.

In Las Condes we know how to listen to our patients and our prestigious specialists, with extensive experience in their different specialties, are concrete and direct to answer any doubts that the patient wishes to clear up. Likewise, after the operation or procedure, the patients carry with us a complete postoperative follow-up, until their total recovery.

We must remember that each person is an individual case, a source of life different from another, not always two people, although they are similar, will achieve the same result. The characteristics between two patients of the same case, and with similar conditions, do not necessarily have to achieve the same result.

What are the expectations of patients about a aesthetic surgery

Patients may wish pleasant expectations of a plastic surgery, but it is the aesthetic specialist, who gives them a realistic picture of the results that will be obtained. To do this, the doctor will be dedicated from the beginning to develop a complete study of the patient’s characteristics in relation to the surgery you want to perform: age, physical state, if you have the skin in good condition, your habits and customs, their physiological and anatomical particularities, their ability to coagulate and heal wounds, among other important details.

All this information collection, allows the surgeon to construct a realistic picture of what the patient can achieve, knowing their reality and the true possible results that will be achieved and the patient will not feel in the clouds, on the contrary, he will know his situation and possibilities real, before taking the step.

At Las Condes we offer this important benefit to our patients, our prestigious specialists will comply with their work, just as the medical honor demands, so that they feel satisfied with our care and feel satisfied with our honest, sincere and friendly service. We want our patients to feel like a family and our institution is like a second home. And this feeling must have the patient, before, during and after operation.

We hope that this article has served your needs. For more information, you can access our website: www.lascondesperu.com. We will be very happy to help you answer your questions.

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