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Many times men see on television or movies handsome and muscle guys with perfect bodies.  Pectorals and abdomen formed and marked, without any fat; pure muscle. Unfortunately, the average man does not have that figure since, to obtain it, he should exercise more than two hours in the gym and eat a special diet, or consume certain supplementary products that contribute to that special aspect.
Most men suffer from the problem of hanging breasts and loose breasts, such as sagging breasts in women of a certain age. Routine prevents most men from attending to their physical appearance; in the best case, if the man is of thin build, he can be saved from that fleshy and flabby formation, but in robust or thick-bodied men, it is usually inevitable.
The growth of the glandular tissue with a benign character in the male pectoral area (male breasts or breasts) is called Gynecomastia and is caused by the increase in levels of estrogen and androgen hormones in the body, the decrease in the level of testosterone and a medication constant and elevated. Gynecomastia affects almost all men, from children to adults.
Also, Gynecomastia affects the male breast with high levels of fat accumulation producing sagging. The term “breasts” that we relate to female breasts, can also be applied in the case of male breasts or pectorals, clinically-medicated way. To this condition derived from the Gynecomastia that affects overweight or obese subjects, we call it Pseudoginecomastia and it is produced, as we mentioned in the lines above, by an excess of fat in the male pectoral area.
Although this situation is not serious or of great concern, it is recommended to go to your doctor for a checkup that accurately diagnoses the situation of hormonal imbalance or case of overweight that significantly affects your health and appearance. In case of suffering Pseudoginecomastia, we offer some tips that will allow you to reduce chest fat, improving muscle mass and giving a firm and aesthetic appearance to your chest area.
The first recommendation we can give to those suffering from breasts affected by gynecomastia or its derivative, Pseudoginecomastia, is to consult with your doctor. It is necessary to listen to a medical opinion before taking any nutritional measure or exercise regime. You should be diagnosed about the situation, know your hormone levels; listen to a medical opinion on how to get rid of pseudo-gynecomastia. At Las Condes, our specialists will be able to offer an appropriate orientation to solve this condition.
Another recommendation is to maintain a healthy diet, keeping track of the calories consumed. If we maintain a control of the food consumed, you can identify what gynecomastia or pseudoginecomastia develops and suppress these foods from your daily consumption in order to achieve a healthy weight. Likewise, you should include in your diet foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics, which guarantee a healthy stomach health without dangers.
On the other hand, the exercise called calisthenics is a great help to overcome both gynecomastia and pseudoginecomastia, since it uses the body’s own weight in different exercises and this allows different muscles to burn calories. To exercise the chest area and strengthen the male breasts, it is recommended push-ups known as push-ups or plates because they strengthen the breasts, along with other muscles that are connected in other areas of the body, hardening the pectoral muscles and reducing fat. The more the arms are opened, the more effort will be felt and the exercise will be more effective; likewise, the more series you do, with slow rhythms to feel the weight, you will feel better as you burn the calories and fats accumulated in the body.
Also, we recommend barbell exercises with weights of the type known as chest press and dumbbell openings called chest flies to increase muscle mass in male breasts. But our main recommendation is to perform exercises for the whole body because it will allow you to burn more fat and increase your testosterone levels, which will help maintain muscle mass.
When you exercise and burn fat, it is possible that, in the case of people who are overweight or obese, there is a surplus of skin that will go off the hook. There is a surgical treatment to solve this problem that allows eliminating those sagging breasts, extracting the accumulated fat and removing excess skin to give the male body the image you want to have. Gynecomastia surgery allows returning to male breasts their natural form; in Las Condes we offer the security and guarantee that you are looking for since we have the most experienced medical team in Peru, with accreditations from international organizations in all areas. If you want to make inquiries about it, we will be very happy to help you. You can contact us through our website: or through our Facebook page.

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