What We should know about Hyaluronic Acid.

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How does it work?
Hyaluronic acid is a substance that allows us to conceal the signs and marks of aging in our face or lips, giving them back that lush aspect by correcting the small defects produced by the passage of time. Its composition is completely coincident with our molecular structure, both physical and chemical (unalterable despite time) and is not perceived before the tactile sense. Therefore, permanent and natural results are guaranteed.
Are there any contraindications for this treatment?
Like all medical treatment, in this case specialists do not recommend it to people suffering from diseases against the immune system, such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. The specialist will evaluate each case independently in those cases.
Are there specific risks?
Naturally, after this treatment is performed, there may be inflammation in the skin, bruises or granulomas, as well as a possible migration of the same hyaluronic acid; although, the last two problems are not very probable thanks to the quality of current supplies.
Can the application of these products cause cancer?
It is absolutely impossible. The products used in these treatments are of high quality and with high clinical guarantee.
What can we understand by the expression: the product can migrate to another place in our body?
Generally, it must understood that it could happen to another part of our body. However, with these products that risk is completely ruled out, and if such a case should happen, so improbable, the very mechanisms of cellular self-defense of our body would destroy them.
Is there a danger of infection in the skin at the site of infiltration?
Absolutely, there is no risk of infection.
Are there fillers that are uncomfortable or painful?
Actually these products do not produce any pain or discomfort; in case of discomfort, this is minimal because hyaluronic acid is reformulated and contains lidocaine in its formulation, which is a component with anesthetic effect, to counteract any pain during its application.
Does the choice of a filling product or another depends on any factor? Or are they all the same?
Not all these products are the same, they influence the quality as well as the application. You can use one or the other type, as well as combine them, after studying the skin to be treated by the specialist to know the possible problems that could occur.

Can we combine the infiltration of these filler products with other treatments or interventions?
Of course we can combine them with other procedures, such as peeling, microdermabrasion, IPL and lifting. It is important to take into account that the infiltration will always be done in second place, never the other way around. In the case of peeling, it is recommended to let about 15 days to do the infiltration and in the case of the lifting, one month.
What is the maximum number of sessions to apply these filler products?
As always seeks to achieve a natural effect, the specialist will recommend a prudent space between each session and avoid making very drastic changes. Your doctor is the only one authorized to advise the most convenient number of sessions for each particular case. Not everyone has the same number of sessions for this treatment, each organism is different.
Who is qualified to perform this treatment?
Naturally, they must be qualified plastic specialists, with specialization in prestigious institutions and years of experience. As in every specialization of plastic-aesthetic surgery, at Clínica Las Condes we have the best accredited professionals at your disposal to treat you.
For more information, you can access our website www.lascondesperu.com and contact us. We will be very pleased to answer your questions.

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