Laser liposuction, minimally invasive alternative

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Laser liposuction, minimally invasive alternative and very effective to recover the ideal silhouette

A good diet and daily exercise are essential to maintain a healthy body and an ideal weight, but unfortunately and despite the efforts (impossible diets, hours and hours of gym, etc.), it is often difficult to finish with the accumulations of fat that have been stored for several years, without resorting to treatments or specific interventions.

There are different procedures to solve this problem; One of the most recommended because it is less invasive, is laser liposuction. This is a very revolutionary surgical procedure, since it uses the action of a calibrated laser beam that produces the heat necessary to melt those compact clumps of fat settled within the areas of the body to be treated, subtracting it from the body in a liquid state.

Laser liposuction is less invasive

In the case of a traditional liposuction, the surgeon must make cuts in areas that are not very visible so that the scars are not visible to the naked eye. The specialist must remove the accumulations of fat with their instruments, so this technique is invasive. With laser liposuction, the effort to remove fat is less and the incisions are very small, easy to heal and almost imperceptible. These characteristics make it less invasive compared to liposuction by surgery.

The importance of a safe clinic with specialists recognized for this surgery

The most important, as in any aesthetic treatment, are the accreditations of the specialist and his extensive experience. They are the specialists, with years of experience and a long series of operations to different types of patients, who ensure the good result of this surgical procedure, avoiding putting at risk the physical and aesthetic integrity of the patients.

Remember that all bodies do not respond equally to a surgical procedure; therefore, the plastic surgeon must treat each case independently, talking with patients and evaluating each case. The surgeon will advise the areas that can and should be treated and, after the operation, the care, nutrition and physical activity regime that will continue in the following months to recover the desired figure, without any complications.

In Las Condes we assure all our patients a thorough and detailed examination of the situation of each patient, developed by our best specialists, with accreditations from international institutions (USA, Europe, Mexico, Venezuela, etc.) of great prestige and with wide experience in this modern and revolutionary surgical technique. In addition, Las Condes is a well-known institution, member of the most important beauty contests in Peru.

Security is paramount. No one should risk their integrity before neophytes who offer low-cost surgery, exposing themselves to problems resulting from the surgeon’s lack of experience, the anesthesia used, the poor quality of the facilities or the medications used in a poor recovery process. Clinic Las Condes guarantees laser liposuction in full force and with all the guarantees of the case.

Laser liposuction technique, duration and expected results

Actually, laser liposuction, also called lipolaser, is a real revolution in the field of plastic surgery because it leaves no scars in visible areas of the body, is minimally invasive and eliminates fat accumulations very quickly, thanks to the use of a laser beam that, when applied, makes small incisions for the entrance of a small cannula with a fiber optic device that generates the heat necessary to dissolve the hardened clumps of fat that have been stored at different levels of the body and that are the causing deformation of the silhouette, creating cellulite and widening areas where exercise and rigorous diet have not been able to achieve results.

Laser liposuction allows to liquefy and quickly extract considerable amount of accumulated fat cells, releasing the tissues without causing damage in the nearby cell walls of the skin. Therefore, this procedure must be performed by an experienced doctor, who guarantees an adequate procedure and in a clinic that has high precision equipment. Likewise, the anesthesiology service must be of the highest quality, both the anesthesiologist and the anesthesia itself, to avoid risky inconveniences during the development of the procedure.

Another of the great advantages offered by this surgery is its short duration, 75 minutes on average, and recovery to return to their activities will not exceed 20 days. Also, the first week or perhaps a few days more, the doctor will recommend a position that allows to maintain the right body, while eliminating the liquids that the body secretes in said intervened areas; Therefore, the specialist recommends the use of a special strip that will hold the treated areas so that they take shape.

Beauty is a right, but it is also a privilege, the care of the body guarantees good health. To do this, after a laser liposuction, and eliminate accumulated fat, achieving retraction of the tissues that are causing flaccidity; and to prevent it from forming again, our specialists prescribe post-operative care necessary for a quick recovery and the feeding that they must follow to maintain their figure, once the process of corporal accommodation has been completed. Among the nutritional care, you should go to a healthy diet, rich in vegetables and certain proteins low in cholesterol.

Likewise, the lipolaser will allow the skin to recover its softness and elasticity. At Las Condes we will be very pleased to help our patients recover that silhouette they once had. The dream is available to everyone! For more information you can contact through our website It will be a pleasure to serve you.

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