Liposuction, what you need to know before surgery

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Liposuction is a surgery that allows to extract excess body fat in certain areas of the body and finally get the desired body shape. However, there are things we must know before the surgical procedure.
For those interested in this surgery, we will clarify these doubts and explain, one by one, the main questions.  Also, you will know the benefits and risks of the procedure and how to overcome them with medical advice.

Besides, it’s necessary to point out that there is also liposculpture, a similar process where the esthetic surgeon sculpts and shapes a specific area giving shape to the contours where the body fat has been extracted.

It is important to know this difference to do not confuse the procedures.  This clarification will give us the possibility to answer some important questions about liposuction.

Is medical intervention necessary in an operating room for a liposuction?

Yes, it is necessary. For patient safety, this esthetic procedure must be performed in a safe operating room with all the necessary equipment and instruments, so that the plastic surgeon and his professional team can perform this procedure properly.

At Clínica Las Condes we guarantee to our patients adequate and certified infrastructure.  The medical team is composed of qualified personnel to perform this procedure.  We are certified as II-E Category (specialized clinic), so our patients will be attended in a safety environment.  In case of emergency, referral or transfer of the patient to a more complex center, it will be according to the requirements of the Peruvian health authorities.

Can obesity be eliminated with liposuction?

No. For people affected by obesity, it is not a recommended alternative because liposuction is not a treatment to lose weight. The amount of fat that is extracted by this procedure it may be considerable but is always minimal compared to the amount of fat that a body affected by obesity produce.
At Clínica Las Condes we recommend to people affected by obesity go to a nutritionist who will guide you to improve eating habits.  Other alternative is go to an endocrinologist for a complete examination and know the convenience of a liposuction or a different surgery.

Is cellulite and “orange peel” skin or flaccidity eliminated with liposuction?

Not totally. In the process of extracting accumulated fat, a large part of the cellulite will disappear but not necessarily “orange peel” skin.  For this reason, we recommend before the surgery to verify skin status, in order to be able to evaluate if the body will suffer flaccidity after the procedure.

At Clínica Las Condes, our professional team will be able to give you a previous diagnostic and avoid this situation.  Also, you as a patient have to talk with the surgeon about your expectations and the probabilities of reach it.

Will the body shape change and how long will it take to see it?

Yes, that is the purpose of the surgery. According to the areas worked, the waist and hips will recover its curvature, the legs will become shapely and the abdomen flat.  You will notice the change immediately but in a gradual process, you will see the final results after two or three months.
We will accompany you in the process until your body shape turned according to your expectations and within the possibilities that your genetics allows. Also, we will guide you about the proper eating habits to maintain your new figure.

Will this surgery leave any scars and pain after the procedure?

No.  This surgery will only leave scars almost imperceptible and hidden by the strategically chosen points where they will be located. Like any surgical procedure, it will leave some discomfort between 24 and 48 hours after it.

For your safety and tranquility, at Clínica Las Condes we will ensure that your recovery is monitored and attended by our specialists.

Is there another alternative and less invasive treatment for fat reduction?

Yes, another alternative is laser liposuction.  It’s considered less invasive and recommend in patients with severe flaccidity or in patients who had this surgery previously. The procedure is realized projecting the heat of the laser on the fatty zones, melting that cells; simultaneously retracts the tissues, producing a tensor effect and allowing the patient a faster recovery without leaving scars.
At Las Condes we perform both surgeries and we will advise you about it, so you can decide the procedure that suits you best.

Will fat accumulate in the treated areas of the body after liposuction?

No, normally this should not happen because, during the surgical procedure, the fat cells are remove from the fat tissue responsible for the formation and accumulation of fat in that part of the body. Therefore, for this reason, it is unlikely that fat accumulates in the treated area

In addition, we will recommend you tips to take the appropriate care to prevent this from happening.

How long will it take me return to my physical and work activities?

Recovery’s time depends if the surgery procedure is in a specific zone, is a liposculpture or a laser liposuction.  Our specialty is liposuction by zones, after the surgery the patient can return immediately to his work.

It results necessary to clarify that all surgical procedures needs a post-operative process.  This process will be indicated by the plastic surgeon in charge, who will give you the instructions to follow to achieve an optimal and fast recovery, as soon as can be possible.

For an optimal recovery, our specialist will advise you properly.  Usually treatments are based on lymphatic drainage, ultrasound and massage, so we suggest avoiding intense movements like running, dancing, climbing and other movements over a period of two to four weeks.

If your main concern is return to work, as long as it is not relate to an intense activity, you can rejoin within one to five days after a liposculpture. However, we must to emphasize that each recovery is different and depends on many factors. If the operation has been extensive, your surgeon will advise to rest for a period of two weeks.

For any questions, please contact us through our website, or from our Facebook. We will be happy to serve you.

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