Medical Tourism and its great possibilities in Peru

Peru is known worldwide for the warmth of its people, its exquisite and varied cuisine, its millenary history, fascinating and legendary culture and its great tourist attractions. Among its attractions we can highlight one of the new seven wonders of the modern world: Machu Picchu that every year receives millions of visitors from all over the world, who are amazed by its enigmatic monumentality and splendor, a memory of a glorious past.

Recognized also for the varied flora and fauna it houses in its three natural regions (Costa, Sierra and Selva), Peru offers to the tourists unimaginable destinations that can be visited with the confidence and security offered by the largest hotel chains strategically located in different parts of our country.

Likewise, Peru has a first-class clinical-hospital infrastructure, medical equipment and a wide range of health services of the highest quality, managed and executed in compliance with international health standards.

For these reasons, Peru is consolidating itself as the first world-class health tourism destination in Latin America. Each year increases the number of patients arriving from the United States, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean, interested in the quality of service of the Peruvian specialists and their magnificent attention.

Based on this reality, year by year increases the list of hospitals and clinics certified by the Medical College of Peru which strive to comply with international accreditations, improving their quality of care at very competitive prices.

Visit us and discover why Peru is recognized by all our visitors as a warm and hospitable country.

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