Mommy Makeover recovering the silhouette – 2nd

Overcome problems by surgery: from a belly to a flat abdomen

Usually, when a woman has gone through childbirth, the belly will be swollen after a while, during the process of the months of pregnancy, there is a muscular strain in the abdomen area and the skin is torn internally, stretching.

Abdominoplasty is the most effective solution to return to the pre-pregnancy abdomen, leaving it flat and with smooth skin. The surgeon, after an evaluation to the affected area, will determine the convenience of the surgery, either the Abdominoplasty or, if applicable, a Mini Abdominoplasty.

At Las Condes we guarantee our patients all the guarantees to practice the Mommy Makeover, considering a comprehensive evaluation of the abdomen to establish the appropriate treatment, minimizing risks and achieving the expected results.

Fat elimination in legs, buttocks and abdomen

Normally, the gestation process produces a fat increase in areas such as the abdomen and belly, legs and buttocks, since they are the most affected areas during the gestation process and alter the female figure, causing discomfort after childbirth.

One of the most effective and preferred procedures, almost leaves no visible scars, is the Lipolaser, which in comparison with the usual Liposuction or with Liposculpture, along with the elimination of body fat allows to eliminate cellulite, retracting the tissues of the skin, allowing to obtain more shine, softness and firmness.

The Lipolaser, compared to normal Liposuction or Liposculpture, is minimally invasive as there are no visible incisions, it does not leave visible scars, its results are more satisfactory and effective, and it offers a very quick recovery.

On the website of Las Condes ( you can find out how we do the Mommy Makeover.

The alternative of Mastopexia or mammary restoration and the elimination of flaccidity of bust

During pregnancy and postpartum, the woman undergoes a series of changes in the bust area, such as drooping of the breasts and sagging skin, due to the natural milk production factor. This will produce remarkable changes in the breasts when losing its original shape, seeing falls, with the battered skin and with loss of its softness.
The procedure to solve this situation, which can produce psychological problems in women such as low self-esteem, insecurity or complex, is called Maxtopexia, a surgical procedure by which the breasts will be raised to their original place, leaving them firm and smooth to the touch, either by implanted prostheses or by autologous natural fat (Lipotransference).

This surgery not only recovers the bust mistreated by breastfeeding and pregnancy but can be adapted at the request of the patient, according to their desires, always duly advised by their plastic surgeon specialized in bust and dermatological treatment.

At Las Condes we have the best staff of aesthetic specialists, with studies in prestigious international universities and specializations in Maxtopexia and skin treatment. They are our best guarantee of an adequate medical service, which ensures satisfaction and confidence to our patients.

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