Mommy Makeover recovering the silhouette and beauty of the Peruvian mother

How to recover your silhouette after pregnancy, return to have the desired body

Countless times we go to the cinema and we see how slender figures shine on the big screen, many of them are mothers of several children, it is at that moment that we wonder about their great secret. Before such a question, we understand that the solution was not as easy as we can imagine, the answer: Mommy Makeover.

The process of pregnancy produces numerous changes in the physiology of women. Of course, there are bodies that overcome this change more quickly than others, it is a matter of genetics, but in the common case, the woman’s body tends to undergo remarkable changes.

Currently, with the advance of medical technology, more women want to recover their pre-pregnancy measures; which is why cosmetic surgery is presented as a quick solution through the Mommy Makeover.
Las Condes performs this procedure without risks and under the watchful eye of plastic specialists so that your body can be the same as before.

“Mommy Makeover”, what does it really consist of?

Mommy Makeover is a multiple aesthetic surgical procedure that returns the pre-pregnancy figure in a fast and effective way. The procedure mitigates the different changes that the body of the pregnant woman suffers, such as abdominal flabbiness, deterioration of the bust area (sagging breasts), increase of the mass in the buttocks area, etc., and that produce insecurity or discomfort, leading to create some complex.

With this procedure, the specialized plastic surgeon will perform, in just one operation, the different surgeries and aesthetic techniques aimed at reducing the abdomen and belly, the breast augmentation or reduction or the lifting of the breasts for a young and natural appearance, as well as the reduction of the buttocks or legs through the abdominoplasty, liposuction and other surgeries that the patient requests to recover the figure before pregnancy.

At Las Condes we help our patients who have gone through the pregnancy process with the best care from our specialist professionals, who will guarantee the best results, within the possibilities of each of them.

What are the most common interventions in the practice of mommy makeover?

Each patient is different, and the body is a whole individual cosmos. Although, in previous lines we have determined the most frequent areas of the female body that experiment changes produced by pregnancy, the plastic specialist should consider the adaptation of the patients’ body to define the most adequate and necessary procedures, in a personalized way, for return to the body its initial figure, that is, before the gestation process.
In general, as we mentioned earlier, the most common practices are Abdominoplasty, to lower the belly and the abdominal area, by shaping it; Liposuction in breasts, buttocks and legs, restoring their aesthetic shape. For this, it will define a series of factors such as the number of pregnancies, habits and customs, among others, that must be analyzed to define the performance of the procedure.

The plastic surgery specialists of Las Condes offer the patient all viable alternatives to recover the figure, without harming the health or physical appearance of the body either through tummy tuck, laser liposuction or Mastopexy.


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