Pregnancy against aesthetic treatments

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Many pregnancy women sometimes want to get some aesthetic treatment, maybe on the face, ears, nose, etc. We take advantage of this space to analyze the different cases and explain the aesthetic treatments that have possibilities and those that do not, during the pregnancy process.

Therefore, it is very convenient that future mothers take advantage of what we mention in this article and know the precautions to take when they have in mind some aesthetic treatment during pregnancy and, actually, ensure the welfare of your baby.

Being pregnant and aesthetic treatments. Are they compatible?

If before you got pregnant you used to do some aesthetic treatments or you were thinking about doing them now that you are pregnant, we feel like it is not the best time for most of them. We know that, right now, is when it would be a great relief, your body is changing and you are noticing some problems that you did not have before: tired legs and poor circulation, stretch marks, fluid retention, among other discomforts.

However, take it easy, we propose two treatments that can help improve some of these problems that occur during pregnancy, such as fluid retention or poor circulation, and that you can perform without any risk: the pressotherapy and diet treatments and advice food


It is a specific body treatment to improve the circulatory and lymphatic system. It’s used for aesthetic purposes to reduce or eliminate cellulite, but it also promotes lymphatic circulation and decreases fluid retention, two of the most common discomforts among pregnant women.

The pressotherapy can be performed in different areas such as the abdomen, arms, back or waist, in addition to the legs, buttocks or hip, that are the most affected parts during pregnancy. This technique offers immediate results and, in turn, helps to avoid major problems.

How does it work?

The pressotherapy consists of applying certain air pressures on the area of ​​the body to be treated. We use boots and a sash that is placed to the patient to exercise alternate compression and relaxation and that act effectively in the lymphatic system. In addition, it promotes the recovery of skin elasticity and facilitates tissue regeneration by increasing the supply of oxygen to tissues.

It does not require anesthesia or hospitalization, and the average time to complete the treatment is 30 minutes per session.

Diet treatments and personalized nutrition

Diets are not only designed for people who want to lose weight. Following a healthy diet, with the help of professionals and always under medical supervision, we can help you to solve some of the setbacks that arise during pregnancy.

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy can cause serious problems such as diabetes or risk of obesity, as well as poor diet can harm the fetus. Therefore, Clinic Las Condes recommends following a personalized nutrition plan.

Our specialists in Dietetics and Nutrition are experts in all types of diets, including special diets for pregnant women. From an initial study, we calculate your nutritional needs and provide you with a personalized, effective and simple nutritional plan, 100% adapted to you and your baby, which will help you feel good and control your weight during pregnancy without taking any risks.

Not all treatments are adequate during pregnancy. However, the pressotherapy and nutritional treatments give you the possibility to continue taking care of yourself during that stage of your life.

In case of doubts or additional questions, contact Clinic Las Condes, our experts will always be ready to give you the necessary information for the treatments you require.

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