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It is the facial plastic surgery procedure by which the so-called Bichat Bags are extracted, which are fat pockets located in the cheeks. They received this name, in homage to the surname of the Surgeon who was their discoverer. Bichectomy will allow you to improve the profile of your face, giving it to sharper look. Best of all, the Bichat Bags do not tend to regenerate, so this surgery becomes a permanent treatment and the marks of the surgery will not be visible, as they will hide inside the oral cavity, leaving no exterior paw print.

Treatment information

45 minutes

Surgery Time

Local anesthesia


24 hours


24 hours



1 to 3 months

Permanent Results


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  • Help in the definition of the cheekbones.
  • Improves aesthetics in the cheeks.
  • Is a surgery characterized by almost not being invasive.
  • Will not leave marks or scars in sight.

Expected results and risks

Immediately the results will not be appreciated, it will be necessary to wait about two months for them to be well-known. With regard to risks or complications in the process, some inflammation or hematoma may arise. There is also a risk of infection.

The intervention

The surgeon will make two incisions with scalpel inside the oral cavity, on both sides; from these openings Bichat bags will be extracted. It is a simple, fast and very effective intervention. When the incisions are made inside the oral cavity, no scars are visible outside

Care after the intervention

The surgeon will prescribe the patient, antibiotics for 5 days; also will prescribe anti inflammatory to prevent swelling and pain. Likewise, the operated patient will be advised, take care and precautions regarding their oral hygiene andavoid the consumption of tobacco or other substances that may cause infections during the recovery process.


The treatment has no restrictions or contraindications, because it is a simple surgery and without risk.