Breast suspension

Breast in a woman is a very sensual part of her body; however, for reasons of breastfeeding, age or the same weight, it tends to fall over time. To avoid this, there is a great solution such as “mastopexy”, a surgery aimed at lifting the breasts, also getting a better shape or even increase the volume of them (via implants). It is one of the surgeries most demanded by women in our environment, thanks to its rejuvenating effects. Your procedure is by surgery with general anesthesia, leaving a scar almost imperceptible. Your care depends on the doctor’s recommendations.

Treatment information

2 a 3 hours

Surgery Time

Sedation with local anesthesia


1 night of internment


7 a 10 days




3 a 4 months



  • Mastopexy or mammary pexia aims to lift and reaffirm the fallen sinus (Ptosis) whose skin has lost tone and elasticity, achieving position tissue.
  • The mammary pexy can be practiced at any age as long as the woman is in good health. The woman must not be in the process of pregnancy, or in postpartum stage and must have reached the maturity of their breasts.

Expected results and risks

The results of this surgery will be seen gradually; therefore, it is worth mentioning that in the first month the breasts will have different degrees of edema that can cause an asymmetry, which will gradually subside. To evaluate a surgical result in this type of surgery, you must wait a minimum of 4 months, so it is suggested to be in contact with your surgeon.

The intervention

It depends on each possible case (surgery or implant) of the doctor’s recommendations. An incision is created at the base of the breast, that is where the excess skin is removed and the bust is lifted. Once this is done, replace the areola, and if it is very large, it is used to give an aesthetic touch.

Cares after the intervention

Save absolute rest during the week after surgery. At the end of this rest, you can return to your daily routine but avoid efforts and driving. When the doctor removes the compression bandage, the patient can bathe, being careful with the scar. Normally, after 4 weeks, the doctor gives OK to perform sports. Sun exposure and smoking should be avoided in a recovery process. It is very important to use the post-surgical bra during the time indicated by the surgeon.


This procedure is not recommended for underage, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Those who suffer coronary, cardiac, circulation, coagulation or hypertension problems are not candidates either.