Liposuction by zones

Liposuction by sessions or liposuction by zones is a surgical procedure that allows to remove excess fat located in certain areas of the body. The traditional technique is still the flagship of the options due to its incredible effectiveness.

Remember, it is essential to talk with your plastic surgeon about your expectations so that the results can be as expected.

Localized or zoned liposuction is highly recommended in patients who have never had any previous liposuction and have virgin fat. For traditional liposuction fine cannulas are used that are inserted through small incisions in the fatty deposits located under the skin.

Treatment information

1 a 1 1/2 hours

Surgery Time

Local anesthesia




1 day




3 a 4 months



The liposuction by areas manages to obtain the expected results in a minimum time and with little possibility of complication when it is carried out by expert plastic surgeons.

Expected results and risks

It offers long-lasting results if you follow the surgeon’s instructions: healthy diet and physical exercise. Although it is a simple procedure there may be side effects, as in any other intervention.

The intervention

The patient and the surgeon decide the areas to work to eliminate excess fat. The surgeon creates small incisions (3 to 4 mm), through which cannulas are introduced with which the fat is sucked from the areas to be worked. Once the fat is sucked, the doctor closes the incisions with a stitch. Depending on the patient’s desire, the removed fat can be transferred to other parts of the body, such as the buttocks, hips, or to make a facial filling (nasolabial folds, puppet lines, chin augmentation, cheek augmentation, etc.).

Cares after the intervention

It is normal to feel discomfort and a little pain for a couple of days, similar to having done a lot of exercises. Rest is recommended and after 3 days you can recover your daily activities little by little. At bath time you should be careful with scars. A post-surgical belt should be used for 1 month; In addition, you should avoid sun exposure, smoking, alcohol and improve your eating habits.


It is important to remember that liposuction is designed to improve the shape of your body, but it is not an effective cosmetic surgery option to lose weight significantly.