Mole Removal

Moles, which in many cases are unsightly, should always be under constant medical review and thus prevent skin cancer, to remove them it will be necessary to go to a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. For the elimination of moles, the excision is recommended, which consists in extracting the mole, with the application of local anesthesia on the surface to be intervened, and cutting it from its own diameter, leaving a much smaller scar than the mole itself.

Treatment information

10 a 30 minutes

Surgery Time

Topical anesthesia


Does not require


7 days







  • The interventions are safe, whether performed by laser or traditional surgery.
  • The results become definitive.
  • The scars are minimally imperceptible.
  • Leaves an unbeatable brightness on the patient’s skin.

Expected results and risks

The results of this surgery can be appreciated immediately and are permanent. Each of these treatments (surgery or laser) always have a different risk; for example, the laser could cause some burn. With regard to traditional surgery, problems of healing may occur.

The intervention

There are two methods to remove moles; with laser or through traditional surgery.

In the case of laser intervention, the specialist will apply the technique on the same mole; after 7 days it will fall by itself. There is the possibility of a second laser surgery for the treatment of moles removal. In the case of traditional operation, the surgeon will extract it by making an incision on the mole.

Cares after the intervention

Once the mole is extracted, the intervened area should be protected, covering it for 48 hours and exposure to sunlight should be avoided.


In the case of pregnant women or lactating women, they must have an authorization from their gynecologist to avoid possible problems. Also, those who suffer diseases and skin problems, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune or systematic, must go through a thorough evaluation of the specialist in this case of your dermatologist.