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It is a procedure usually performed by people who do not feel comfortable with the appearance of their ears, whether they are very large, contracted or as is usually happens in these cases, very far from the face. This can lead to a state of discomfort or complex to the person, suffering jokes or being the target of ridicule in their social environment. This can be treated in both children and adults and the anesthesia to be used will be evaluated based on the age of the patient operated on. This operation has proven to be very effective and permanent. The objective pursued by this surgery is to give the patient’s features a more complete harmony, together with a brief and satisfactory recovery process.

Información del tratamiento

1 a 2 hours

Surgery Time

Local anesthesia


Not necessary


7 days






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  • Offers a better aesthetic view.
  • Help to improve self-esteem.
  • End the patient’s complexes.
  • The scars are imperceptible.

Expected results and risks

As for the expected results, these will be manifested immediately on a permanent basis. Being a surgery, this does not mean that the patient is free of any complication or risk. If not treated properly, you may suffer bleeding or infection, problems with healing or chronic pain, as well as losing sensitivity in the area or asymmetry.

The intervention

The surgeon will make an incision in the posterior area of the ear to reach the cartilage. There, the surgeon will be in charge of modeling the ear; depending on the difficulty you want to solve, cut the cartilage giving it shape, even cutting off excess skin. Other times you can create over the ears, folds with internal sutures. Once the surgery has been successfully completed, with the desired aesthetic form by the patient, the doctor closes the incision, hiding the scars behind the ears and will not be noticed.

Care after the intervention

The patient will rest after the intervention between 1 and 2 days; the ears will be covered all the time with bandages. The following days should use a band on the head by prescription of your doctor, who will decide how many days they will be healed. When taking baths, you should avoid touching the scars. You should also avoid sunlight during healing.


Because it is a surgery, there are people who can not, for one reason or another, perform this operation. They are contraindicated for those who suffer from circulatory or cardiovascular, coagulation and psychological problems. Likewise, it is restricted for women in a pregnant or lactating state.