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Plasmagel Facial Filler

This is a cutting-edge treatment in the field of medical aesthetics. Their results, because they are natural and lasting, are of great benefit for patients. It is a non-invasive rejuvenating treatment that helps correct wrinkles and facial folds.

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The intervention

To proceed with the application of facial fillers, this technique offers the patient maximum comfort with a lower risk of producing a bruise or swelling. Among the different types of treatments for its application, since there are platelet growth factors, Platelet Rich Plasma will be used in different ways, either by the activation of cell proliferation, either thanks to the production of collagen in the skin or that of hyaluronic acid. Also for cell growth in the epidermis, for angiogenesis, etc.


It is possible that redness or inflammation appears on the treated area, but it will disappear a few hours after the application. Bruises may also appear as a result of needle injections over the deeper dermis.


It is not recommended for patients with coagulation problems, generalized infections or systemic diseases. Neither should people with low platelet count or malnutrition of any kind be treated, protein changes that prevent the concentration of proteins in the plasma of your body.