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This surgery has as an object the embellishment of the nose shapes, improving at the same time its functionality, correcting the deviation in the nasal septum. It is a procedure very similar to rhinoplasty, but a little more complex and delicate. In the Rhinoseptoplasty we can apply Local Anesthesia with sedation or General Anesthesia, depending on the case and will be hospitalized for one night. After the intervention, the patient will be plugged and will remain so for up to five days. After the first week of recovery, the points will be removed.

Información del tratamiento

2 hours

Surgery Time

According to the case


24 hours


7 days






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• Improves respiratory capacity. • Helps to improve self-esteem in the patient • In the case of sports patients, the intervention will help you increase your performance in the discipline you practice.

Expected results and risks

As for the results obtained, they will be immediate and definitive. About complications to arise, if there is, as in any surgery, risks, whether they are swelling, infection or bleeding, with problems to heal or some reaction to anesthesia, etc.

The intervention

The specialist will make a small incision on the inside of the nasal wall, lifting the mucosa that covers it, thus accessing the bone that causes the problems. Then return the membrane to its place and close the incision, suturing it.

Care after the intervention

Nasal plugs will be placed on the patient, who will keep them for 3 days. In the recovery process, avoid using glasses as much as possible during the first two weeks. You will not be able to stay in crowded areas or expose yourself to the sun’s rays. You must be careful with the bandage when performing cleaning actions, avoiding wetting or moistening.