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Antiacne treatment

There are many cases of acne in our society, caused by the indiscriminate production of fats on the face, sprouts pimples and reddish pimples. Since many recurrent cases have occurred internationally, there are a variety of treatments and solutions to eliminate this evil; Each case is different and the dermatologist will treat it according to the level of progress shown in each patient. At Las Condes we have several techniques for its elaboration, such as Phototherapy, Peelings and Exfoliations.

Información del tratamiento

Between 20 and 50 minutes

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7 days


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  • Helps to regenerate the skin, leaving it smooth and smooth.
  • Helps to improve self-esteem in the patient.
  • It is a non-surgical procedure.
  • It develops safely and quickly.
  • Contains the aging process.
  • Allows the production by the body of collagen and elastin.

Expected results and risks

Expected results and risks
We can see them a few days after treatment, and although the process can be slow at times, the results will be satisfactory. There are some effects secundarios, como ardor o enrojecimiento de la piel, pero desaparecerán en dos días.

The intervention

Among the different methods to treat acne and scars, the most used are peeling and treatment of plasma, rich in platelets. In both treatments the problem of acne is ended, regenerating the skin thanks to the activation of collagen and elastin production, which will help eliminate scars.

Also, you can solve the problem of Acne with laser procedure or treatment with hyaluronic acid.

Care after the intervention

After the elimination of Acne, the patient can return to his regular daily activities, but without exposing himself directly to the sun’s rays, always using sunscreen. In the case of women patients, they will not be able to put on makeup during the 48 hours following the procedure. Men will wait 10 days to shave again. These prescriptions are aimed at not irritating the skin.


The Dermatologist will evaluate the different cases presented to you by the patients, so you can decide what is the appropriate treatment. In the case of patients suffering from keloids, burns, scars or cancer, their treatment is not recommended. For women in pregnancy or lactation, Peeling or Plasma treatment is contraindicated. It is also contraindicated that of Hyaluronic Acid in patients hypersensitive to the product. In the same way, he deals with patients who suffer some type of cancer or who suffer from bad coagulation, in the case of Plasma.