How to remove scars from the skin? Some tips to make them less visible

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Many people, although not all, suffer from having marks or scars on the body that make them feel less attractive to the eyes of the rest. While this is not true one hundred percent, there are many people of different ages, whether men or women, who would like to eliminate them or make them imperceptible to the eye.

The scars are produced in different ways, either by injuries in domestic accidents, cuts produced by cooking, some surgical intervention, and a dermatological problem such as acne or sequel of chickenpox, among other causes.

We can appreciate that suffering from scars is a very common occurrence in human beings and they happen in different ways in our daily life. Nobody is free of it, as we can understand.

It is a natural thing that when a scar is produced, it originally has a pinkish tone, but then it tends to fade with the passing of time, taking colorations similar to the color of each skin. In those cases, the scar is almost invisible to the eyes and one forgets about it. But there are cases where this can highlight too much and acquires a state that can present aesthetic problems, affecting the self-esteem of those who have it.

However, we must remember the importance of the healing process of healing a wound, whether it is caused by a cut, friction, burn, etc.

Many times the healing is done without any complications, resulting in a scar almost invisible to the eye. This biological-based process allows us to heal when we suffer an injury, allows us to restore the skin, regenerating the tissues and preventing the wound from being exposed to bacteria or an infection.

Other times, the healing process is resolved without any further complication and as a result, after a reasonable time has elapsed, the brand is imperceptible to the eye.

Can a scar completely dissipate?

When talking about scars, we refer to marks that alter the uniform shape of our skin, originally the marks produced are visible to the eye, but we our organism allows us an adequate coagulation that helps to an early healing, with the right precautionary measures, will be unified with the passage of days to other tissues of the skin, dissimulating.

There are factors that influence the healing process, such as genetics, gender and age. In addition, there are other factors that influence proper healing.

What are the problems with poor healing?
If we want to avoid bad scarring, we must take care of the lesion, following the instructions of our doctor, in order to avoid the scar becoming infected or aggravating and ending the natural healing process.

There are several types of scars, including:

  • Hypertrophic: product of excessive tissue growth when the wound is closed, where the scar usually improves with the days alone.
  • Atrophic: when the scar is sunken because the tissue has stopped growing and does not cover the area of ​​the wound. They are frequent in cases of acne and sequel of chickenpox.
  • Keloids: the next state of a hypertrophic scar where the excess tissue increases and extends; To attenuate this type of scar it is advisable to go to the doctor and take an appropriate treatment because it will not disappear naturally.


Can we take care of our scars so that they are less visible? Is nutrition and tobacco consumption important in this process?

There are surgeries in which considerable incisions are made for the type of intervention, such as the case of liposuction, abdominoplasty or breast augmentation. During the healing process the doctor recommends not taking long baths, instead quick showers and short duration.

Also, you should avoid exposure to sunlight on the scarred area as it could acquire a hyper-pigmentation in the skin, which darkens the affected area when the process is completed.

In case the scars do not disappear completely you can use makeup to hide them, looking for a tone similar to your skin; this will allow to maintain the uniform tone of your skin.

Also, a balanced diet in proteins (meats), fruits and vegetables is important for good healing. Likewise, we recommend no tobacco consumption and, as far as possible, stay away from people who consume it.


What treatments can help improve scars?

Currently, science and aesthetic medicine have advanced by leaps and bounds, allowing the creation of revolutionary treatments and sophisticated cosmetic products to solve or disguise the scars as best as possible. While they will not succeed in making them disappear completely, they will help disguise them or improve their appearance and condition.

At Las Condes Clinic our aesthetic specialists will be able to evaluate the state of your scars and advise you to take the most appropriate procedure. One of our main recommendations is the Carboxiterapia that has the purpose of improving the scars in sight, preventing them from being noticed as much as possible.

When it comes to marks left by acne or chicken pox, which can form atrophic scars, laser, peeling, carboxytherapy or microdermabrasion procedures can be used. Also, we can fill those atrophic scars with Hyaluronic Acid.

At Las Condes we are at your service to help you solve scar problems, we have the support of professionals in the field of surgery and aesthetic health, accredited in our country and abroad. Therefore, we invite you to an exam where we will recommend treatments. For more information, visit our website or our Facebook page. We will be very pleased to assist you.

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