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It is not always born with the desired nose like those profiles that we admire in fashion or show magazines. There are genetic factors in each person, physical features of their family inheritance. However, there are other external factors that can deform nasal structure. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that, when performed by a plastic surgeon specialized in otolaryngology, can beautify, correct and fix the physical appearance of the nose to give harmony and symmetry to the face.


Human beings are evolving as the year’s progress. In the case of young people, after puberty or adolescence, after 15 or 16 years, is the starting point for Rhinoplasty because the main parts of the facial features, and especially the nose, have already been defined. Before, it could bring changes that alter the surgery and the desired result is not obtained.


To understand the meaning of this surgery, we must know the concept of Profiloplasty, which is the application of surgical procedures designed to harmonize and give maximum beauty to facial features. The Rhinoplasty seeks to reshape and repair the nose, giving it a childish and upturned profile, correcting its asymmetry (alteration of the symmetry of the face), significantly improving its aesthetic appearance.

Also, a restorative Rhinoplasty can benefit the patient with better nasal and respiratory functionality. Therefore, the specialist must be properly qualified; since it is a precision operation, not only must be a plastic surgeon, it is required to be specialized and have extensive experience in this procedure to avoid producing side effects after Rhinoplasty.

At Las Condes, our accredited surgeons are also specialists in Otolaryngology, because of that we can guarantee our successful public a successful surgery without further complications.


Rhinoplasty is a procedure that corrects asymmetries in facial features. On the other hand, it can fulfill a restorative and clinical function. Therefore, there are two types of surgeries: closed and open.

The closed rhinoplasty consists of an aesthetic type surgery that develops from the inside the nasal passages where it treats the cartilages of the nose and places the grafts that are needed to give a profiled and upturned appearance to the nose, both in front and side , without leaving any visible scar.

In the technique of open rhinoplasty it is necessary to intervene from the outside of the nose. For its restorative or corrective purpose, it is applied to certain cases, such as correction of the nasal septum, reconstruction of the nasal cavity, cases of poorly performed operations by inexperienced doctors who must be corrected to restore symmetry to the face, among others.

Therefore, the plastic surgeon must have an additional specialty of Otolaryngology to be authorized to perform these surgeries with responsibility and good conscience. At Las Condes we guarantee the training, accreditation and experience of our surgeons.


The nose, like any other part or organ of our body, before going to the operating table, must be correctly evaluated by your specialist. Las Condes has a great responsibility with its patients and, therefore, we offer a complete evaluation in each case so the person interested in having surgery knows the reality of their results after the surgery.

Thanks to the current concepts of facial harmony, the specialist can determine the needs of each patient and explain the detail of the previous studies and evaluations for each case.

The first examination that the plastic surgeon will perform it will be about the dimensions and proportions of the patient’s nose from three basic projections: forehead, profile and nasal base. Afterwards, he will ask the rhinoplasty candidate about his clinical history and any other pathology related to the characteristics of the nose. He will take x-rays and tomographies, as well as perform a physical study of the area to be treated. You will continue with a photographic examination from different angles and, once your report is completed, you can offer the patient a realistic alternative on the type of Rhinoplasty to be performed. Then proceed to connect the patient with the anesthesiologist and otolaryngologist who will complete the evaluation and define a possible date for the operation. Naturally, this whole process will take several days.


Once all the possible evaluations have been covered and the rhinoplasty candidate agrees, the date will be scheduled to separate the operating room, the anesthetist, the medical assistants who will assist the surgeon during the operation and everything related to it.

As we said in previous lines, Rhinoplasty has the objective of improving or repairing the nasal region (nose) to give or restore its harmonious appearance to facial features, correcting its asymmetry. This procedure usually uses local anesthesia, although in special cases or at the request of the patient, it can be performed under general anesthesia.
Rhinoplasty takes an average of two hours in the operating room and, depending on the type of operation (open or closed), the patient can return the same day to rest at home or will have to stay overnight in hospital for observation.

The nose will be covered with plugs and bandages, and supported by a support called plaster to maintain the position and shape of the new nose. These will be used during the first week after surgery and then the specialist will proceed to remove them, it will also indicate a series of recommendations so that the patient can return to normal activity, gradually. While the sutures should heal in about 30 days on average, the process of conditioning the new nose can take about 6 months.

At Las Condes we offer to our patients the best care for this and any other of the procedures we perform in our modern and well-equipped facilities with the best staff of specialized plastic surgeons in Peru. We await your inquiries and requirements in this regard, at our Facebook or our website We will be happy to serve you.

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