Rhinoplasty: Before and After

Rhinoplasty: Before and After

Preliminaries of surgery

When a person wishes to perform a rhinoplasty, once they have coordinated with their doctor the date of the operation, they should, a few weeks before, follow the indications of this so that the procedure is carried out properly and, after the surgery, will follow the instructions for their recovery, as mentioned below.

Importance of a healthy and nutritious diet

The doctor has the obligation to prepare the patient’s organism, before surgery, to avoid complications in the operative and post-operative process. Therefore, the patient must undergo a healthy diet, rich in proteins, cereals and whole grains, fruits and vegetables enriched in vitamins A and C. There will be foods that will be prohibited by your doctor, which could affect the process.

It is advisable, for special cases, to remove from the diet certain nutritional supplements, because they can cause complications in the blood clotting process, healing of the sutures or affect blood circulation.

Normally, there is a list of these supplements and foods that should be suppressed in the patient, such as ginger or any food supplement with vitamin E, as well as others that affect the good assimilation of anesthesia in the patient.

Special care for patients with medication

It has great importance in the process, frank communication between the patient and his doctor. The latter must be informed of the medication that the patient may have on a regular basis. In this way, you can prescribe temporary alternatives that replace your medication or suppress them for a specific time in order to avoid affecting the operation in any way or causing complications in the post-operative recovery process.

There are medications that can seriously affect the patient and, therefore, the doctor recommends avoiding, such as the case of anticoagulants or pills such as Aspirin or the anti-inflammatory Ibuprofen. These could cause bleeding during the operative process.

Do not use alcoholic or tobacco beverages

Habits such as consumption of alcoholic beverages or any type of tobacco (cigarettes, cigars or pipe) should be avoided, at least, two weeks prior to surgery. This is because the consumption of these products alters the regular blood flow, preventing the rapid circulation of oxygen through the body, especially on the area that will intervene the surgeon.

In the case of those patients who smoke regularly (due to habit), the recovery process will take a little longer, compared to that of a patient who is not a smoker. It is also important to emphasize that there is a risk of infection during recovery from surgery for patients who use tobacco.

How is the rhinoplasty process?

Thanks to new technologies in the field of plastic surgery, the recovery process of rhinoplasty is more accelerated and the discomfort that could result from surgery is easier to manage, now. The surgery lasts approximately one hour and a half to two hours and is completely ambulatory, does not require hospitalization. The recovery of this operation will take between three and eight days, depending on the case.

At Clínica Las Condes we develop the most advanced techniques and procedures in rhinoplasty, making the use of nasal plugs unnecessary in most cases.

The recovery process after a rhinoplasty

The first days of care

The most important thing, after the operation, is take a good rest, to follow to the letter the instructions of the doctor because of this fulfillment will depend a quick and complete recovery. Among other indications, we highlight the following medical recommendations:

  • Use of shirts with buttons to avoid passing them over the head.
  • Maintain high head posture, even when sleeping.
  • Daily tooth brushing should be done slowly and delicately, so you will not get hurt in the process.
  • Use cold packs on the nose.
  • Avoid any hard food or that is difficult at the time of chewing.
  • Avoid blowing your nose or sneezing.
  • As your doctor specifies, you should change the gauze.

The first weeks after operation

When the prescriptions of the doctor have been followed completely and without omitting detail, the patient arrives for the moment of returning to his daily life and to his regular work, two weeks after the surgery. However, you should take the following precautions to avoid complications:

  • You cannot practice physical exercises or sports that require the use of force for a period of time.
  • Consume the least amount of products with sodium (salt, soy sauce, etc.) in the diet, thus reducing risks of inflammation or swelling after the operation.
  • You must use sunscreen, minimum of 30 SPF.
  • You cannot use glasses of any kind (measuring or sun), could hurt and mark the nasal septum inappropriately.
  • Attend all the controls prescribed by your doctor.

Any recovery process can have secondary effects, is very common in those who have performed this operation, and its duration will depend on the care that the patient has to obey the recommendations of their doctor.

It will also happen with the process where you will visualize the results, although it is true that these are seen at the moment of removing the cast, to see the final result of the surgery itself, it will take three to six months.

At Clínica Las Condes, our surgeons and professionals guarantee you a recovery without risks and within the regular deadlines, monitoring your progress, continuously.

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