What season is recommended for a laser hair removal?

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In the field of cosmetic surgery, all medical specialists agree that a laser hair removal is feasible at any time of the year. Naturally, it is recommended not to have skin tanned by the effect of solar rays, ie, bronzed. Therefore, specialists recommend the autumnal season as the most recommended time of year to get a laser hair removal because, after the summer, people concerned about their personal appearance resume their sessions or decide for some treatment of this nature in an aesthetic clinic.

At this time the temperatures will begin their descent and, although the villus goes unnoticed by the clothes we wear in this season, despite the time, all want to have a smooth skin and show some soft legs, saying goodbye to those annoying and uncomfortable hairs of definitive way

What time is recommended?

Once the summer is over, our skin is tanned by the effect of the summer sun, so it is recommended not to apply the laser on the dermal layer until after a month. The laser treatment is applied to the melanin of the pilosity, eliminating it immediately; but when the tanned skin is found, it also has a quantity of melanin, which could be confused with that of the hair, injuring the area of the treated skin instead of plucking it with burns.

For this reason, it is advisable to let at least a month pass because there will be a contrast between the color of the skin and the hairiness. So, at the time of laser hair removal, the beam of light can detect where the melanin is and make it its only target, without damaging the dermal tissue.

Recommendations prior to laser hair removal

Prior to a medical procedure of this type, it is recommended to shave about three or four days prior to laser hair removal since it will be ideal that the hair to be removed is beginning to be born on the skin as this facilitates the task of the laser beam; on the contrary, if the hair is very long, it makes treatment difficult. However, when the patient comes to the first appointment should go without shaved areas to be treated so that the specialist can make a complete study of their case, prior to the execution of treatment.

Usually, laser hair removal sessions are performed periodically, but there should be a long pause when summer arrives and affects the surface of the skin with tanning, complicating a good treatment. The delay in the continuity of the sessions is not harmful to the patient; on the other hand if this decides to advance the sessions of laser hair removal, it will harm the advances of the treatment because it will grow hair in a short time since the follicular cycles are ignored. Therefore, the session cycle will be extended a bit for the treatment, but not for an increase in extra sessions.

Also, we warn to those who decide to get laser hair removal, that apart from not having skin tanned, there are other recommendations to take into consideration. For example, after each session, when a new villus appears, you can shave, but not remove it, to avoid changing the follicular cycles. On the other hand, we must take into account the inconvenience of the dyeing of certain garments or textiles that may leave their mark on the skin or may release dark lint, making it more irritated. Not should wear tight-fitting or hard-fabric garments, such as denim or jeans, the day you do the sessions or the following to avoid irritating sensitive areas of the dermis, as in the case of the groin.

The areas of greatest demand for laser hair removal

These are usually the armpits, in the groin and especially in the legs. In recent times, the area of the groin and pubis is completely shaved because when you reach a somewhat mature age, gray hair usually forms in this area and this prevents the hair removal process. In the same way, laser hair removal is requested a lot on the linea alba, which extends over the abdomen to the base of the pubis and on the lumbar area, because a large number of women grow hair in those areas. Currently, patients tend to total hair removal on the body.

At Las Condes, our accredited plastic specialists are at your entire disposal to meet these needs of our patients and give them the best alternatives to perform a laser hair removal in areas that need it. For any questions, please contact us through our website www.lascondesperu.com, or from our Facebook. We will be happy to serve you.

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