The localized lipodistrophy, an aesthetic deficiency that may affect everyone

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The localized lipodistrophy, an aesthetic deficiency that may affect everyone

When we see ourselves in the full-length mirror, after dedicating ourselves to healthy exercise and after a breakfast rich in nutrients and vitamins, we often cannot help appreciating those rolls that form in certain areas of our body such as the abdomen, waist, hip or the buttocks and ask the reason for their appearance if we lead a healthy and active life. This happens in both men and women, and often without altering the ideal weight of the person in question, disfiguring that perfect silhouette that we all seek.

The expression “you look flabby”, very heard these days, is an indicator that, despite the effort to have a youthful and healthy appearance, we do not really have real control over the nature of the human body. This disorder is due to the concentration of fat clusters that eliminate adipose tissue during a period of several years of storage and which is called LIPODISTROPHY.

Treatments to combat this disorder

There are natural methods to combat this discomfort, such as a balanced diet, exercise and constant physical activity, some non-invasive external reducing treatments, massages or diets recommended by endocrinologists. But these methods will not solve the problem 100%, they will only help to reduce a part, according to the affected areas, but until then the progress will come, and the aesthetic malformations will still be in sight.

Faced with these alternatives, in the field of Aesthetic Medicine there is a solution that can be permanent if the patient follows the instructions of a true specialist belonging to a prestigious aesthetic clinic. This is very important because if, as in any medical treatment, we wish to receive medical attention, we must entrust our well-being to experienced specialists, thus avoiding irreparable discomforts after surgery.

Liposuction and Laser Liposuction are the most efficient treatments to solve these imperfections. In the first case, Liposuction is a specialized surgery that, performed by a specialist doctor, leads to happy results when completing the recovery process and following the instructions. At Clinic Las Condes we assure our patients the best care with our accredited aesthetic surgeons whose years of experience offer the necessary guarantees to achieve a well-defined and harmonious body. As for the post-operative, the specialist performs an exhaustive follow-up of the evolution of the patient to assure its correct recovery of the process, offering security and tranquility to the patient.

Laser Liposuction is a less invasive surgery where the fat is extracted through small holes where the device enters and whose ray melts the fat and facilitates its extraction. Then come post-operative care and revisions that are considered necessary until the patient’s complete recovery. In Clinic Las Condes we guarantee our patients a high-quality Laser Liposuction because we have the best plastic surgeons, accredited in Universities and International Medical Institutions of great prestige.

Another solution to the problem of Lipodystrophy is Liposculpture, a surgery that not only removes fat because the plastic specialist must be an artist in the modeling of the treated areas, shaping their silhouette aesthetically. By its name, it is like a sculpture, but in the same human body, artistically harmonizing the silhouette of the person to be treated.

Our patients are our best recommendation letter, their satisfaction and the figure obtained through these procedures demonstrates the high level of quality and excellence offered by our specialists.

An adequate and safe treatment is an important decision

It is necessary to emphasize the accreditation and experience that a plastic specialist must have for any of these three surgeries to offers good results, also true patient satisfaction depend on it. The specialists will define the suitable procedure to disappear that Lipodystrophy that prevents him from having an appropriately aesthetic body.

Beauty, like health, is a privilege of those who value it. If they do not follow these tips, the patient can take an unpleasant surprise, since a non-specialized or experienced surgeon can worsen his image, generating safety problems and, in some cases, irreparable consequences.

We wait for you in Las Condes where we will provide you with a realistic diagnosis, we ensure professional attention and meet your expectations. For more information, on our website you can find more details about our procedures and treatments, as well as request an appointment with our specialized doctors.

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