What is the price of a liposuction in Peru?

Price is not everything, health and safety must be your priority

When you decide for a Liposuction, as patient you must evaluate the price of do this surgery.  The price is a determinant factor to decide to do or not the procedure, but this does not have to be an important argument to make this decision.

Liposuction is about beauty and health. Beauty because the patient wants to get a beautiful body shape, look youthful and sculptural. Also is about health because as a patient you have to evaluate clinical facilities, equipment, surgeons and their experience.  These are the relevance factors when you decide where and why to perform a liposuction.

If the patient wants optimal results, at Clínica Las Condes we always advise to evaluate these factors.  Besides, we have the certifications and requirements that they need to make a correct and reliable decision.  With all the necessary resources to comply the patient demands who is always looking for safety and quality.  Therefore, the patient can make a reliable decision and select options according their requirements.

We know liposuction has a price, which can significantly influence in your decision, but we want to remind you that your safety and health counts much more.

What risks do you have when deciding on a low cost liposuction?

It is probably that liposuction takes place with inadequate equipment and facilities, or with non-specialist doctor or certified.  Also, could be an incomplete surgical procedure where, because budget or time, not enough fat is extracted. This situation will force the patient for another surgery a later time.

There is also the possibility of excessive liposuction that leaves the patient with an unnatural appearance and some deformity in the skin.  Alternatively, the patient gets irregularities and inequalities as a bad result of the procedure. In addition, it may leave marks and scars very visible in the treated area, ruining the esthetic effect that is looking for.

What factors should determine the cost in a liposuction?

Many factors determine to establish the price for this surgical procedure.  That is the reason because the patient have to evaluate properly.  This is a list of the most relevant:

  • The security granted by the clinic where the procedure will be perform.
  • The location of the clinic where the intervention will be perform.
  • The facilities where the intervention will be perform and its amenities.
  • The certifications of the clinic where the intervention will be perform.
  • The specialist and their medical team to perform the intervention.
  • The amount of adipose tissue to remove because it determinate the time ir will take the procedure.
  • Pre-operative analysis.
  • Post-operative treatments.
  • Additional costs as a girdle.
  • Medications prescribed by the doctor for home treatment.

This is why, at Clínica Las Condes, we make our patients aware of everything that will be necessary to do this procedure safely and confidently.

Can I operate multiple zones at once?

Liposuction, especially liposculpture, is one of the most requested plastic surgeries by patients to eliminate those annoying areas of the body that have difficulty responding to dietary efforts or exercises.  Areas where there is excess fat, such as in the abdomen. Abdominal liposculpture is very effective in reducing and flattening the abdomen, but at the same time, you can take advantage in this procedure to sculpt your waist, hips and axillary area. This surgery allows the possibility of treated other body’s areas at a time.

Clínica Las Condes offers its patients an integral evaluation, making them aware about the possibilities to optimize this surgical procedure, by sessions or all in one day.

What additional variables can influence the price of liposuction?

Besides from what we have discussed above, such as patient weight, costs and professional fees or areas of intervention of the body, we have other factors that can be consider in the final price of a Liposuction. If the plastic surgeon is very experienced and recognized at mass media, this can directly affect the cost.  Additional, as greater experience in these procedures, it is understandable that the results achieved by the surgery will be better.

Another important reason may be the geographical location of the place where the surgery it will take place.  Generally, it is located in the big urban centers, reason why, due to the existing competition, they must handle competitive costs and offer attractive benefits to the patient. The existence of many professionals in these cities influences the value of market offer. Therefore, the location of clinics can influence price, especially in prestigious residential areas and offer benefit to their quality clinical services.

What precautions should I take when deciding on a liposuction?

They are several, but here we mention some:

  • Do a pre-operative evaluation supervised by a specialist doctor.  Here is advisable to ask any concerns the patient has, especially with their expectations.
  • Inform the specialist about allergies, lifestyle and health habits that could affect the treatment such as alcohol and cigarette smoking.
  • Comply carefully with the recommendations made by the specialists before and after the procedure.
  • Perform the pre-operative analyzes in a recognized laboratory or analysis center.

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